Orthodox icons of Mother of God (Theotokos)


Holy Mother icons

Icons of Mother of God represents the image of the Holy Mary as the patron of the believers and the one that helps all those who approach her with faith, love and humbleness.

On these icons of Mother of God is usually painted with Christ as a child in her hands. Her image tells the story of faith. The story of a mother and a child, love, warmth, life. Icons of the holy Mother, as a symbol of birth and life, actually represents the essence of the Christianity in which we tie each other in love and unity with God. That is the heritage that we want to give to the next generations.

Serbian Orthodox church has canonized six icons of Mother of God: the Milk-Giver, the Three Hands, the Theotokos of Pec, Krasnica of Cajnice, the Mother of God of Bodjanje and the Mother of God of Savina.

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